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Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda

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Key Themes Include:

  • Savings Groups and Savings Groups Technologies (Digital Savings Groups);
  • Agency Banking at the last mile;
  •  Experiences in Linkage Banking: Banking the Unbanked at the Last Mile;
  • Digital Financial Services at the last mile. Questions about acceleration and scale;
  • DFS and Financial Health: Consumer Protection Issues

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List Of Eminent Speakers

October 1–3, 2019 Kampala, Uganda

  • Advent of agency banking, recognition of saving groups & national financial inclusion agenda
  • Financial Technology and the Inclusion Agenda
  • The Role of Regulators in a rapidly transforming (digital) financial world.
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  • Early insights into agency banking
  • Saving groups & financial linkages
  • Saving groups & financial technology
  • Financial education in a digital era
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  • Designing & managing savings group programs for digital financial services & linkage banking Financial linkage framework: supply side perspective.
  • Positioning FSP for mass market Emerging lessons & best practice in group linkages
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Banking on The Last-Mile conference brings together practitioners to discuss their experiences and emerging practices in digitizing savings groups, linkage banking (financial linkages with savings groups), digital financial services (broadly), and agency banking at the last mile.

The interface of financial technology with savings groups models (VSLAs, SILCs, SfC, S4T etc) as platforms at the last mile, has greatly impacted the rate at which households that were previously unbanked are getting financially included into the formal financial systems. The challenges of adoption and the need to re-engineer strategies for savings groups promoters, bankers, MFIs and other players has necessitated a call for honest dialogue for practitioners to learn from one another while being open to contextual innovations.

The conference brings together practitioners from fintech companies, NGOs promoting savings groups, regulators,  government departments, donor agencies, academics and independent consultants.

Practitioners interface for financial
inclusion at the Last-Mile

Event Speakers

Register and showcase or join us at the Banking on the Last Mile conference 2019. Here is who else is coming.

Jimmy is a Research Specialist with the Financial Sector Deepening Uganda. The research function at FSD Uganda provides evidence and knowledge that may be used by stakeholders to evolve policies, regulations, products, services and institutional arrangements that can steer the financial sector towards meeting the financial needs of low-income Ugandans and small enterprises.

Jimmy Ebong is a research specialist contributing to the development and implementation of FSDU’s strategic and business plan, as well as overseeing rollout of research strategy and action plans, facilitating capacity building of colleagues and partners, as well as developing a funding strategy for the research pillar.

Jimmy will be speaking about ‘Financial Technology and its role in the Financial Inclusion Agenda’.

Jimmy Ebong
Research Specialist , Financial Sector Deepening Uganda

Currently the Managing Director Barclays Bank Uganda, he has previously worked at Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank. He holds an MBA (finance) from Bentley College and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the US. With over 20 years of international experience, he has in-depth knowledge of Retail and Wholesale banking portfolios, enterprise risk management, compliance standards, wealth management and managing high performance teams in the digital banking environment. Barclays Bank Uganda has a long history of linking with village savings and loans associations that started with the Banking On Change project.

Mr. Nazim will provide the opening remarks for the conference.

Nazim Mahmood
Managing Director, Barclays Bank (Absa) Uganda

Zulu has over 13 years of experience in community development and Social Protection at district, provincial and national levels. Currently, Mzamose is a Senior Community Development Officer in the Department of Community Development of The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services where she offers technical support in the implementation of sustainable programmes for promotion of Livelihood and Empowerment such as Support to women through the micro credit Village Banking programme and cash grants to women’s groups. She has been promoting the savings component through strengthening the Micro Credit facility of the Village Bank to enable sustainable financial inclusion of women. Additionally, I support the implementation of World Bank sponsored Supporting Women’s Livelihood intervention of the Girls’ Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods (GEWEL) Project.

Mzamose Lungu Zulu
Senior Community Development Officer, Department of Community Development of The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services

Grace works towards contributing to the development and delivery of high quality programmes that have a commitment to ensure that poor girls and women benefit equally from development efforts. Since 2016, she has been serving as a Project Officer under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and, works with a team of other experts in providing guidance in the design and implementation of the Girls’ Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods (GEWEL) Project.

Grace focusses on supporting women’s livelihoods through Life Skills, Business Skills, Savings and Mentorship training. Prior to joining the GEWEL Project supported by the World Bank, Grace worked for Room to Read Zambia as a Programme Manager for the Girls’ Education Program for six (6) years. Key in her role was reviewing and contextualizing worldwide Girls’ Education program content of Life Skills, Mentoring, Material Support, Family, School and Community Engagement as well as professional learning materials for Zambia, in collaboration with the Regional and Global Office Girls’ Education Program (GEP) Managers.

Grace Kabwe Mwila
Project Officer, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services

Her research interests are focused around a social epidemiological lens, particularly investigating mental and physical health associated with women’s financial and sexual empowerment in East Africa. Her current projects include up-take of digital payments on borrower mental health and explore whether there are complementarities between child care and cash grants on microenterprise development.

Denise Ferris
Research Fellow, BRAC Independent Evaluation and Research Cell (IERC)

A PhD student in Economics. Prior to starting her PhD, she worked as a Research Associate at Duke University, and as a Research Manager at the Centre for Microfinance in Chennai, India. Her research interests are primary in development economics and public finance, particularly around impact evaluation, governance and international development aid. Her current projects include understanding the impact of digital repayment on microfinance loans in Central Uganda and assessing the potential for non-monetary performance incentives to improve education quality in Ugandan primary schools.

Isabelle Cohen
PhD Candidate, Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Boubacar will share insights on consumer protection in a digital age. The advent of digital financial services has greatly expanded financial inclusion. But we have seen context such as Kenya that higher access to financial services does not usually translate to better financial health. So, efforts to ensure consumer protection also involve responsible lending by financial services providers.

Boubacar Diallo
Senior Africa Advisor, Smart Campaign

Natukunda has worked on innovative and sustainable business solutions that increase financial inclusion and deepening for low-income and vulnerable population segments. Prior to this role he worked as Project Manager/Product Manager Social Investment Fund with Barclays Bank Uganda, entrusted with driving the financial inclusion strategy. He has also supported and worked with different stakeholders i.e. central bank, Ministry of Finance,

Financial Institutions, peer organizations and development partners to develop financial inclusion strategies in Uganda. Melch’s area of interest include Financial inclusion, Micro insurance, Financial Education, Private Sector Development (PSD), Business for Development, digital financial services, gender and youth main streaming. Melch will share CARE International’s field experiences with linkage banking and use of technology in savings groups.

Melch Muhame Natukunda
Initiative Manager - Socioeconomic Status Development, CARE International in Uganda

Oscar is the Energy Specialist and Power Africa-lead at USAID/Uganda. Before joining USAID, Oscar worked with the Industrial Promotion Services, the industrial and infrastructure services arm of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, where he oversaw a portfolio that included two power projects, a tannery, a fishnets plant and a pharmaceutical company, among others. He has also previously worked with the World Bank-funded Energy for Rural Transformation project (I) and the Uganda investment Authority, where he designed and started their SME Department.

Oscar Ankunda
Energy Specialist, Power Africa-lead at USAID/Uganda

Mercy Corps has been operating in Uganda since 2006 and catalyzes change makers within the Ugandan private sector, civil society and government to create economically dynamic and resilient communities. We focus specifically on making markets work in order to create improved opportunities and living conditions for marginalized and vulnerable individuals. This includes partnering with financial institutions to develop appropriate products to stimulate agribusiness growth in Northern Uganda, partnering with solar providers to develop increased uptake of solar products in difficult to reach locations, working with banks to expand agent banking services, and working with agricultural businesses to increase market linkages with rural youth and refugee farmers.

Carron Beaumont
Deputy Country Director, Mercy Corps Uganda